I can train you to do a website like this one, with a similar or totally different style. Learning the basics takes anywhere between a few hours and one day. Tthen the software becomes very intuitive and easy to use, just as powerful as Dream Weaver, but way more intuitive and faster.

A Mac is required, with at least 10.6 running it, as of the fall 2013, Mountain Lion is preferred. The software will run you $79. plus additional tools, hence a total software budget of $100. to $300. depending on your needs for starters. Software and tools are purchased directly from developers.

I will spend about a day with you, either on the phone (I can call you) or in your company. This might be spread in several installments in order to allow you to reflect and practice between the several sessions. You will then be able to call me for advice and help for a year after that, in order to hone your skills, and iron difficulties due to new problems or issues growing in complexity, and get design advice.

You can take it to the bank that the more you develop your website, the more you will reflect upon what you would like it to be, the more ambitious you will become, and therefore the more complex the issues might become. The complexity issue is not a given, but it is likely, and I will be here for you then.

Cost of my training and assistance: $650.

Credit card payment accepted.