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Printing in Photoshop

Before printing, make sure the file is just like you want it, including sharpening.

1/ Resize it in order to have ideally 360 ppi at the dimensions you want. If you have to reduce the file in size a lot, do it in 50% increments.

2/ Go to file/set up and choose the dimensions of paper you will be using, as well as the orientation (portrait or landscape)

2/ Do Command P or File/Print and position the image on the page appropriately

3/ Next window, the right printer, then the print settings:

Choose the right profile (matte or Photo Paper), the highest definition, turn off fast printing.

4/ Choose the color management setting, and make sure that it is on colorsync.


What to do for Class 12

For Thursday July 23:

1/ Reduce to 7 the number of images in your select album, presumably following the choices that were discussed in class.

2/ Refine those seven images as needed (burn, dodge, sharpen, tone (b&w), correct perspectives etc...

3/ Print those seven images (see other post in Photoshop category about printing workflow)

4/ Look at my entry on this blog on Arles in the "Best Shots" category.

* Post some comments about which photograph you would like to see as the class portrait on this site between the two shot in Arles and the current one from Avignon.

5/ Write a few lines on your blog why you think photographers like to photograph each others, what e have been doing quite a bit ourselves.

6/ Fnish your self-portrait when applicable (Photoshop) and post it on your page, with a border if your taste is so inclined. You may also print it.

That's it, this is your last assignment, no catch up after this one. See you Thursday.

Mt Best Shots in Arles

Here is what I shot in Arles, or in the bus:

I like this photograph because it shows the incredible stillness that Tommy is capable of, defying the movement of the bus and the resulting camera shake.

This photograph is about what's written on the wall, which is rather close to what Henri-Cartier Bresson was saying. It was of course in the Willye Ronis exhibit.

I especially liked this photograph as a possible portrait.

Again, the interest here comes from the text.

Natural Portrait: I am standing besides Willye Ronis's "Self Portrait with Flash."

This is just for you as a souvenir.

Same as above.

I really like the color harmoby here. And it should be noted that Rama Yade, is the closest thing to Barack Obama, in France.

Should any of the two photographs above replace the one that is currently illustrating our classe's home page?

Sleeping Beauty's bus.

My Best Shots in Avignon and this week end

So here is what I did with you and later (IN DIGITAL !):


What to do for Class 8


As you know class #7 will take place in Avignon. Make sure to be in front of the building Thursday at 12:30. Yamina will take you to the bus and get your tickets, Kylie has been volunteered to hold them, so don't loose her.

What follows is therefore for class #8, Thursday July16:

1/ Finalize your portait. Kylie and Sara have a final shot all the others need to rework theirs as was discussed in class. All need to polish the final shot in Photoshop (Highlight/Shadow, Dodge, Burn, turn into b&w etc...) whatever your heart chooses. I hope that the Doisneau exhibit in Avignon will help inspire you. Also, please solicit comments if you have a hard time choosing or deciding what you want to do with your chosen pic.

Make a new entry in your blog under "Self Portrait" featuring all the new shots for those of you who need some. Also make another entry with the picked shot and its Photoshopped version.

If everything goes well we will the post those portraits on your pages on the class site.

2/ Do a panoramic in Photoshop with the frames that you have shot or that. Post the 2,3 different frames in your blog as well as the final result under the photoshop category.

3/ Post more photographs in your large album, notably action shots and from the Avignon trip. add to the select album accordingly.

Also, Aperture the other day in class was indeed acting up, there was nothing wrong with the files, I had just asked too much from aperture by going through too many files in too little time, here are my two favorite shots recently:

From the "Grande Corniche" above Monaco.

La Caravane du tour, parked in Brignolles for the first stager arrival.

The rest is on film, stay tuned, delivery for Christmas.

See you Thursday.