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Printing in Photoshop

Before printing, make sure the file is just like you want it, including sharpening.

1/ Resize it in order to have ideally 360 ppi at the dimensions you want. If you have to reduce the file in size a lot, do it in 50% increments.

2/ Go to file/set up and choose the dimensions of paper you will be using, as well as the orientation (portrait or landscape)

2/ Do Command P or File/Print and position the image on the page appropriately

3/ Next window, the right printer, then the print settings:

Choose the right profile (matte or Photo Paper), the highest definition, turn off fast printing.

4/ Choose the color management setting, and make sure that it is on colorsync.


Save Photoshop in jpeg

When you open a file in Photoshop,in most of your cases it will be jpeg, unless you have shot in RAW and then you probably will have a Tiff file to open.

* The first thing you do is to convert it to 16 bit (Image/Mode/16 bit)

* If you have set your color settings to Profoto, then the file should be in Profoto, after conversion at entry, or if not, then convert it to Profoto (Adobe 98 is acceptable if you don't have the Profoto option): Edit/Convert to Profile/ Select Profoto or Adobe 98 in the 'To" menu.

* From then on, do what you have to do, then "save as" the new file in Photoshop format (probably its original name with "_Edit1" Hence the name " yourtitle_edit1."

* Assuming that you have done the work in layers as I showed you how, you need to flatten it in order to save it a jpeg: Layers/Flatten.

* Then convert it to sRGB: Edit/Convert to Profile, choose sRGB in the "To" menu.

* Convert it back to 8 bit: Image/Mode/8 bit.

At this point you can reduce it to 600 px and save it as a file for the web and post it on your blog or elsewhere.


Resize Photographs

  • Open the image in Photoshop
  • Go to Image/Resizing/Image size (or just do Apl Alt i)
  • Type 600 px in the width box
  • Save as (if you were to do a regular save, obviously you would loose some definition in the original file which is not important if that file is only a copy that was brought in the class computer from your master files in your computer,in such a case, actually a regular save is simpler). Save as in a jpeg format and at a level 7 compression for the blog, 8 when you save for your albums.