Urging the World to See

Mt Best Shots in Arles

Here is what I shot in Arles, or in the bus:

I like this photograph because it shows the incredible stillness that Tommy is capable of, defying the movement of the bus and the resulting camera shake.

This photograph is about what's written on the wall, which is rather close to what Henri-Cartier Bresson was saying. It was of course in the Willye Ronis exhibit.

I especially liked this photograph as a possible portrait.

Again, the interest here comes from the text.

Natural Portrait: I am standing besides Willye Ronis's "Self Portrait with Flash."

This is just for you as a souvenir.

Same as above.

I really like the color harmoby here. And it should be noted that Rama Yade, is the closest thing to Barack Obama, in France.

Should any of the two photographs above replace the one that is currently illustrating our classe's home page?

Sleeping Beauty's bus.
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