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Save Photoshop in jpeg

When you open a file in Photoshop,in most of your cases it will be jpeg, unless you have shot in RAW and then you probably will have a Tiff file to open.

* The first thing you do is to convert it to 16 bit (Image/Mode/16 bit)

* If you have set your color settings to Profoto, then the file should be in Profoto, after conversion at entry, or if not, then convert it to Profoto (Adobe 98 is acceptable if you don't have the Profoto option): Edit/Convert to Profile/ Select Profoto or Adobe 98 in the 'To" menu.

* From then on, do what you have to do, then "save as" the new file in Photoshop format (probably its original name with "_Edit1" Hence the name " yourtitle_edit1."

* Assuming that you have done the work in layers as I showed you how, you need to flatten it in order to save it a jpeg: Layers/Flatten.

* Then convert it to sRGB: Edit/Convert to Profile, choose sRGB in the "To" menu.

* Convert it back to 8 bit: Image/Mode/8 bit.

At this point you can reduce it to 600 px and save it as a file for the web and post it on your blog or elsewhere.


What to do for Class 6


Here is what is expected from you for next Class #6 (Thursday July 2).

* In our usual History of Photography, pick your favorite five from the book between page 192 and 279. Post on your blog with appropriate title and under the category "History of Photography."

* Do some action shots, street shots involving human life: folks that you redeem handsome, interesting, ugly, weird, so typically local etc... Cafés are a good source, and so is Marseille if you want to venture there (train or buses). Post your best 10 in your blog under the title "Human Life 1" and under the category "Missions." Add some of these shots to your large album and select album if warranted.

* If you go to Marseille, consider going to the Chateau d'If and the Frioul. You take the boat from the Old Port. There is also a Wallace Fountain at the top of the Cannebière and some street art nearby that Fountain, that I find very interesting.

* For those of you who have not done it yet, shoot the shots that you will assemble in one Photoshop Panoramic ( I will show you how to do that in one of the very next classes)

* Download a trial version of Photoshop: http://www.adobe.com/downloads/

* Pick your favorite shot so far, and do some Photoshop to improve it: fine tune the color, dodge burn, do I highlight Shadow if warranted, etc... Post the original version and the new version, and explain what you did, and why you decided to do that. Post that in your blog under the title "Photoshop Exercise 1" under the category "Photoshop." See the "How To" entry on this blog (Photoshop category) about saving a Photoshop file into a jpeg in order to be able to post on your blog.

* Please send me an email to let me know if you are interested by the field trip that I have presented to you and will cost roughly 150 euros per person, assuming that six take it. The trip so far seem to have a 900 Euros budget. I will try to save some money in finding a cheaper car rental, but I don't expect miracles and therefore this budget is in the ballpark of what it will end up being. It includes lunch with Denis Brihat. For dinner we would eat in a medieval creperie under the Castle that I showed you, and that is not included, everybody will pay its own, should be between 10 and 20 Euros depending of your appetite and thirst.

* Thomas Lily, install what suit s your heart in order to process Raw, and then give me in next class your processed files from the camera test, in either Photoshop or Tiff format.

* You all need to be aware that the Tour de France is coming. Prologue and departute in Monaco this weekend, stage departure from Marseille Monday. Be ready!

See you guys Thursday.