Urging the World to See

Resize Photographs

  • Open the image in Photoshop
  • Go to Image/Resizing/Image size (or just do Apl Alt i)
  • Type 600 px in the width box
  • Save as (if you were to do a regular save, obviously you would loose some definition in the original file which is not important if that file is only a copy that was brought in the class computer from your master files in your computer,in such a case, actually a regular save is simpler). Save as in a jpeg format and at a level 7 compression for the blog, 8 when you save for your albums.


What to do for Class 2

For Class 2 Thursday, I want you to:

1/ Read "The World history of Photography" (you can check it out from the Library) up to page 143. Pick 5 photographs that you like most among those pages, photography then as well as you can, and post then on your blog writing a short commentary for each of them. See the Website guideline posted here in order to find a basic how to about posting on your blog.

Additionally to the website guidelines in regard to your blog page and this assignment:

  • Except for Allison whose blog I took as an example, all of you need to delete the first entry that is on your blog and that I created originally to make sure it worked.
  • Turn auto-resize off in the page inspector which comes when you click on this button:
  • Then click on this tab in the page inspector. You can see on this image the image resizing menu and the option turned off:
  • If you do copy and paste text as Lily was inspired to do, do not just paste, instead do Edit/Paste as plain text.

2/ Take a few photographs of whatever appeals most to you of what you know already of the town. Think of really the cream that you want to show to mom and dad or whoever else about how cool this town is. It could be really anything, people, architecture, cars, you name it. Select anywhere between 3 and 10 and put them in your "large album " folder. Make sure that they are 600px wide, not more.

Then copy and paste the 2 photographs that you like best out of these images from the large album, into your select album.

NOTE: You will need first to remove the photographs that I put in your folders for testing. Just delete them as I showed yesterday,both in the actual folders, and then in the album page in rapid weaver. Remember that you should create a hierarchy in your album folders, some sort of order that has a logic, the one you will choose. And then upload.

That's it for now, but it is just the beginning. My best wishes.


Website Guidelines

Rule #1: Never post a photograph wider than 600 pixels. In order to reduce a photograph, open it in Photoshop, go to Image/ Image Size and type 600 pixels in the width).

Rule #2: Never do a regular paste for text coming from any regular word, email or whatever application. Copy the text that you want to paste, click where you want to put it and then do Edit/Paste as plain text.


* Go to your blog page in Rapid Weaver and click "edit."

* Click on the "+" button and type a title. For now we will not enter a category and will just keep a chronological order.

In the Body:

* Drag and drop the image from the finder.

* Enter once or twice (in order to create more space) to go to the next line and type your text.

Click "Preview" in order to do just that and correct whatever you don't like, including font size (Apl +, or Apl -), Bold, Italic Underline.


* Each of you has a folder in the "Sites" section of the computer under "Alan Roberts" (Pass is "brihat")

* In your folder you will find two sub-folders, one for "Large Album" one for "Select Album." You will put the photographs respectively qualifying for each of them in those sub-folders.

* Once that is done, you go to your album (s) in the Rapid Weaver website doc, and click on this button
in order to load the images in Rapid Album which is the plugin used here to make photo albums.

* You can then re-arrange the order in which the photographs are by just dragging them.


* Save (File/Save or Apl S)

* Click on the "publish button.

* RW will then export files (it tells you that much) and will ten upload them. At the end it will give you an "Ok" sign and then it is uploaded.

* RW is set on "Smart publishing" which makes it upload only the new material.

Sometimes RW might fail to publish. The first remedy then is to:

* Save and quit (Apl Q). Reopen RW.

* If publish button is not active then do File/Mark all pages changed, then save and publish.

Never quit RW without saving unless you want to eliminate something you did that is undesirable, like you deleted a page and actually want it back.

Goals of the Course

I see my function as guiding you through a serious exploration of photography. You will learn:

* The history of photography ....

* The mechanics of a digital camera.

* We will learn photoshop.

* We will look at ways to archive and edit photographs.

* We will explore the semantic of photography, and use it during discussions about everybody's work.

* We will learn how to make prints faithful to your intentions.

* You will do some projects also known as assignments.