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What to do for Class 12

For Thursday July 23:

1/ Reduce to 7 the number of images in your select album, presumably following the choices that were discussed in class.

2/ Refine those seven images as needed (burn, dodge, sharpen, tone (b&w), correct perspectives etc...

3/ Print those seven images (see other post in Photoshop category about printing workflow)

4/ Look at my entry on this blog on Arles in the "Best Shots" category.

* Post some comments about which photograph you would like to see as the class portrait on this site between the two shot in Arles and the current one from Avignon.

5/ Write a few lines on your blog why you think photographers like to photograph each others, what e have been doing quite a bit ourselves.

6/ Fnish your self-portrait when applicable (Photoshop) and post it on your page, with a border if your taste is so inclined. You may also print it.

That's it, this is your last assignment, no catch up after this one. See you Thursday.
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