A Portrait of Minor League Baseball

These photographs were shot during the last season of the Durham Bulls in Durham Athletic Park, their historic ballpark where "Bull Durham" the movie was filmed. This work is the material of a book made in collaboration with Clyde Edgerton, a best seller novelist born and raised in Durham, who grew up going with his father and uncles to the games in D.A.P. and contemplated becoming a professional ballplayer as a career. Clyde Edgerton now teaches creative writing at UNC Wilmington. "Hit Bull Win Steak" is under negotiation to be published in the near future.

I shot 5000 photographs during that last season. They are portraying what Clyde and I think is the ideal Minor League team in an all american setting. In these photographs, beyond minor league baseball, is layered a background of the America of the 90's, especially in the south.

Please note that what is below is a selection of the photograph from this work, still for now in either draft or proofing scan mode. This work was all shot in black and white, and will be one of the very few photographic books made from black and white colorized photography. The colorization process is the result of techniques similar to hand coloring and toning in analog photography.