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Happy New Year 2023

Happy Hour, Unordinary


May 2023 provide more good times like this.

Happy New Year!


Que 2023 vous apporte de bons moments comme celui-ci!

Bonne Année, et Meilleurs Souhaits!


Happy Our, unordinary

In these times when our world is shaken, and we question whether the constance we were hoping for, will be there, it is good to know that this very classic Parisian location, going back more than a century, and that I have been photographing for going on 40 years, is still providing good times on a daily basis, including to this photographer. I seldom go to Paris without checking out La Tartine.

With its double entrance, (one is from the street in the back) it offers on top of its already spectacular front display, an uncommon visual depth going through the entire block. This depth offers a profound visual theater, and that rather unique characteristic is quite extraordinarily illustrated here, by what is very improbably, happening in that rear entrance on this photograph. That may only be seen by blowing up the photograph, so I hope that you can do that on your device.

Thank you for reading and paying attention.


Happy New Year 2022

Current Days Modern Art


These current days make Modern Art look Contemporary, and not vice versa, if I may, and if you follow me.

Although if you follow me, let's make these 2022 days swing as nicely as they should.

A big thank you to all the fine scientists in the world that have allowed us to ease our lives out of this quandary, and thank you for all that you have allowed us to do together in 2021, welcome to these really modern times.

If you believe in science though, it is going to be fine.

Happy New Year!


Ces derniers temps rendent l'Art Moderne quelque peu Contemporain, mais pas l'inverse, si je puis me permettre, et si vous me suivez.

Encore que si vous me suivez, nous allons faire danser 2022 à la façon de Michel Legrand, ou Francis Lai.

Mille merci à tous les scientifiques de la planète, qui nous ont aidés à nous extraire de ce pastis, et merci à vous tous pour ce que vous avez permis que nous fassions ensemble en 2021. Bienvenue dans ces temps résolument modernes.

Si vous croyez en la science, ça va aller plutôt bien, c'est certain.

Bonne Année, et Meilleurs Souhaits!


Current Days Modern Art

Truth be told, this is a pre-pandemic photograph, shot in Paris in October 2019. But until now, it was just an amusing photograph with caricatural characters, and in which the art in the storefront, mimicked, itself in a caricatural fashion, the Cyranoesque, nose of the man. Two plus years later, the whole scene becomes metaphoric for our current situation, in a style reverberating of its absurdity. It is grotesque, a bit like that art in the gallery, we should not be still looking for our way out, or at least that is how most of us feel, yet we don't know quite where we are in this great pandemic puzzle, nor what the right itinerary will be.

But if you believe in science, there are reasons to be optimistic, the solutions are already here. I was given the opportunity to do a wine tour in Bordeaux this last September, and it was terrific, the participants of that tour can't wait to do another one. The next Provence Wine Tour, May 14-28, 2022 is in the final stage of preparation, and there are 3 more tours planned for 2022 to different destinations. If you believe in science, there is a way out.
Here is where you can see 2022 Wine Tours.


Happy New Year / Meilleurs Voeux 2021

Destination et Destinée


Let's see how far we can go from where we are, toward were we were once upon a time, when we were about to go further. I think we can do it, I am optimistic.

Happy New Year, all my very best wishes for the road.


Voyons jusqu'où nous pouvons aller, d'où nous sommes, et en direction d'où nous étions, il y a quelques temps, lorsque nous nous apprêtions à aller de l'avant. Je suis optimiste, je crois que nous pouvons le faire.

Meilleurs Voeux, avec mes meilleurs souhaits pour vous et votre chemin.


Destination and Destiny

I have a soft spot for this photograph, which it is not as mundane as it seems at first glance. Everything in this photograph is where it should be, which does not happen everyday. In essence it is like a Hollywood scene, and actually it reminds me of the opening scene of Jacques Demi’s cult movie “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort,” the best musical comedy ever, starring Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Dorléac (her sister who brought her to cinema, and died a few months after finishing this film. This is the only film in which they both star), Gene Kelly, George Shakiris and many others whose names you may not know, but are legends of French cinema. I cry just thinking of all of them.

Here, like in a movie scene, all the extras are doing their part: the guy getting of the boat, the cyclists on both sides of the water, the car on the bridge, all in support of the star: the canal. It is unclear where that canal goes, seemingly endlessly, tempting a departure for an unknown destination, quite suiting these days when we don’t know where we are going. In parallel, it is difficult to locate even where we are, except that people are moving in all kind of directions in that place. It is a hub lost in the middle of unknown, in borderline improbable territories. All this conspire to the surreal nature of this photograph with a subliminal parallel to our current situation.


Happy New Year / Meilleurs Voeux 2017

Au Large.


Let's see how far we can go.

All my very best wishes.


Voyons jusqu'où nous irons sur l'embarcation du moment.

Avec mes meilleurs souhaits pour vous sur la votre.


Happy New Year / Meilleurs Voeux 2015

La Palette, paris, rue de seine
Des Amants dans mon Café, La Palette, rue de Seine, Paris, 1991.


I can't believe it has been 15 years already since the 20th Century! Given what we had to go through, it is impossible to pretend not having felt it, and anyway, a look in the mirror would certainly change such a feeling, but nevertheless, it seems it was yesterday.

May 2015 bring you much love, keep you in good health, and bless you with anything else you may wish.


J'ai peine à croire que quinze ans se soient déjà écoulés depuis la fin du 20ème siècle. Vu les couleuvres qu'ils nous a fallu avaler je ne puis prétendre de pas les avoir vu passer, et sinon d'ailleurs, un regard dans le miroir me ramènerait à une meilleure appréhension de l'assaut temporel, mais tout de même, cela est à peine croyable, et pourtant explique beaucoup …

Joyeuse continuation, et que 2015 vous apporte amour, santé et tout autre bonheur qui vous importe.


Happy New Year / Meilleurs Voeux 2014

winter trees

Branches and Clouds


May you have a beautiful year coming.

We are now sinking into the dead of winter, and eventually we will all be longing for spring. There is something that may help you in this quest, a break before spring:
Monsieur Contraste is coming to town.

That's right,
Monsieur Contraste and The Church of Photography will combine 9 screenings with 9 Churches of Photography for the first time in the world, at the Carrack Modern Art, February 19 through March 1. Only 50 seats are available each evening, so please reserve early. The first event, Feb 19, will be attended by Monsieur Denis Barbet, Consul Général de France in Atlanta, and is dedicated to the French community. The tickets for all events are already on sale here.

These events are sponsored by
Whole Foods and Wine Authrorities. A few other princes of the local food scene are on their way to join. Stay posted.

Please watch the trailer and you will understand why Whole Foods is supporting this event. In essence, they think that the world will be better served if I keep doing what you know me for!

I look forward to seeing you in February. Stay warm in the meantime.


Tous mes voeux pour 2014.

Dans les semaines à venir, l'hiver va continuer d'étendre son emprise. Eventuellement nous en viendrons tous à languir pour le printemps. Un peu de répit vous sera alors offert:
Monsieur Contraste arrivera à Durham, Caroline du Nord, et il suffira de faire le voyage, bien sympathique à cette période de l'année.

En effet, en avant première des beaux jours,
Monsieur Contraste and The Church of Photography va proposer 9 projections combinées avec 9 Eglises de la Photographie, pour la première fois au monde, et au Carrack Modern Art, à Durham, N.C, du 19 Février au 1er Mars, 2014.
Poster Monsieur Contraste
Seulement 50 places chaque soirée, réservez aussi tôt que possible. La soirée du 19 Février se tiendra en compagnie de Monsieur Denis Barbet, Consul Général de France à Atlanta, et est dédiée à la communauté française. Réservez vos tickets pour toutes les soirées ici.

Cet événement est soutenu par Whole Foods et Wine Authorities qui proposera notamment un superbe vin de la Drôme (mon département natal) en exclusivité mondiale.

Regardez la bande annonce et vous comprendrez pourquoi Whole Foods soutient cet événement.
Green forest
Ils pensent que le monde sera mieux servi si je continue d'accomplir quotidiennement ce pour quoi vous me connaissez.

J'espère vous voir en Février. Restez bien au chaud d'ici là.


Joyeuse Saint Valentin / Happy Valentine's Day



Merci au journal de la Photographie d'avoir publier la photo ci-dessus dans leur
"Spécial Saint Valentin" d'aujourd'hui, voir ici.

Joyeuse Saint Valentin.

Ma Belle Américaine


Thank you to the Journal de la Photographie for publishing the photograph on the left for their
"Special Valentine's Day," see here.

Happy Valentine's day.

Des Amants dans mon Café
Des Amants dans mon Café

Ca di Giulietta
Ca di Giulietta

Scene Buccolique
Scène Bucolique

Ma Bonne Fortune
Ma Bonne Fortune


Happy New Year 2013


Here in the United States, Christmas is always a joyful time, no matter what. Colorful lights blossom everywhere, Frankie comes back on the air, and even those like myself, never ready for it, are gained by the atmosphere.

But Christmas is over, pine trees go back to their normal states, winter takes over,
Santa Sleigh
and Santa goes to his yearly well deserved vacation. It seems that this year he is heading to Florida, unless it is Cuba. I saw him on his way (see photographic evidences). Reindeers must be in vacation too, or on strike, but no matter what, there is no doubt that it is him in the car on the photograph, part of his rental motored sleigh in which I was able to glance at him on I-95.

Regular life is back, but don't be surprised if 2013 exceeds your expectations. An energy bonanza is falling on the U.S.
Santa Passing
It might complete the destruction of the planet, but before that, it will finish pulling us out of recession and will pull the rest of the western world behind. So smile, somebody might be taking your picture right now anyway, smile.

Happy New Year.


Noel, ici aux Etats Unis, est toujours une période joyeuse, quoi qu’il advienne. Les guirlandes abondent, Frank Sinatra revient sur les ondes, et même ceux qui ne sont jamais prêts, comme moi, sont gagnés par l’ambiance.

Mais Noel, c’est fini, les sapins retrouvent leur état naturel, l’hiver prend vraiment forme, et le Père Noel lui, pars en vacances, il ne l’a pas volé. Cette année on dirait qu'il va vers la Floride, à moins que ce ne soit Cuba. Je l’ai vu passer, voir photos à gauche. Les rennes doivent être en vacances eux aussi, ou en grève, mais quoi qu’il en soit, c’est bien lui sur la photo, et c'est son traineau de location dans lequel je l’ai surpris sur I-95, la RN 7 américaine, je n’ai pas rêvé.

La vie normale reprend ses droits, vous serez peut-être surpris de voir qu’en 2013 tout va aller au mieux, économiquement en tous cas. Les Etats Unis sont en train de sortir de la crise, et avec la manne énergétique qui nous tombe dessus, l’économie va s’emballer, et entraînera avec elle le reste du monde occidental. Souriez donc, en dépit du coût environnemental, et puis on vous prend peut–être en photo en ce moment, alors souriez.

Bonne année.





La nativité célébrée sur 9th Street in Durham, Caroline du Nord.


Scene of the nativity celebrated on 9th Street in Durham, N.C.


Happy / Joyeux 2012

Art of War

Steve Jobs minus 30 percent


Enjoy a year with a globe rotating as much as ever.

J'espére que vous aimerez une année où le monde sera comme d'habitude en pleine évolution.