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Merry Christmas 2021

Aÿ's Vineyard

ChampagneInBdx_2021_1400px_CAÿ Champagne in Bordeaux during September 2021 Wine Tour

Click to enlarge to see the thin bubbles of this fantastic 1er Cru.


This beautiful vineyard just outside of Aÿ in the heart of Champagne, exemplifies the beauty of that region and its wines. Let's rejoice today, with the sparks and bubbles of the delicious Champagnes from Aÿ.

Merry Christmas!

p.s. Contrast Wines imports the superb Gosset-Brabant Champagnes from Aÿ. Gosset-Brabant is in direct lineage with Pierre Gosset, who five centuries ago, started the production of wine in Champagne. Their exquisite champagnes (Tradition 1er Cru, Low Dosage Grand Cru, Zero Dosage Grand Cru) are available notably at
Asheville Wine Market, Seaboard Wine, Bond Street Wines,The Winefeed, Savi's Wine, Parizade, Chef and Farmer, Zambra Tapas Asheville, and in all 50 States through our U.S. sales retailer. Contact me if interested.


Ce ravissant vignoble presque dans Aÿ, est le parfait exemple de la beauté de la Champagne et de ses vins. Réjouissons nous aujourd'hui, avec ses bulles, ses arômes, sa légèreté, propre à nous emmener en apesanteur allégée.

Joyeux Noël!