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Happy New Year 2022

Current Days Modern Art


These current days make Modern Art look Contemporary, and not vice versa, if I may, and if you follow me.

Although if you follow me, let's make these 2022 days swing as nicely as they should.

A big thank you to all the fine scientists in the world that have allowed us to ease our lives out of this quandary, and thank you for all that you have allowed us to do together in 2021, welcome to these really modern times.

If you believe in science though, it is going to be fine.

Happy New Year!


Ces derniers temps rendent l'Art Moderne quelque peu Contemporain, mais pas l'inverse, si je puis me permettre, et si vous me suivez.

Encore que si vous me suivez, nous allons faire danser 2022 à la façon de Michel Legrand, ou Francis Lai.

Mille merci à tous les scientifiques de la planète, qui nous ont aidés à nous extraire de ce pastis, et merci à vous tous pour ce que vous avez permis que nous fassions ensemble en 2021. Bienvenue dans ces temps résolument modernes.

Si vous croyez en la science, ça va aller plutôt bien, c'est certain.

Bonne Année, et Meilleurs Souhaits!


Current Days Modern Art

Truth be told, this is a pre-pandemic photograph, shot in Paris in October 2019. But until now, it was just an amusing photograph with caricatural characters, and in which the art in the storefront, mimicked, itself in a caricatural fashion, the Cyranoesque, nose of the man. Two plus years later, the whole scene becomes metaphoric for our current situation, in a style reverberating of its absurdity. It is grotesque, a bit like that art in the gallery, we should not be still looking for our way out, or at least that is how most of us feel, yet we don't know quite where we are in this great pandemic puzzle, nor what the right itinerary will be.

But if you believe in science, there are reasons to be optimistic, the solutions are already here. I was given the opportunity to do a wine tour in Bordeaux this last September, and it was terrific, the participants of that tour can't wait to do another one. The next Provence Wine Tour, May 14-28, 2022 is in the final stage of preparation, and there are 3 more tours planned for 2022 to different destinations. If you believe in science, there is a way out.
Here is where you can see 2022 Wine Tours.

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